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Music Together's mission is to make the world a better making it more musical. 


To do this, we bring the highest quality music and movement experiences to children everywhere--and we involve the adults who love them in the magical process of development that only music can provide. 

In Music Together® classes we offer a wide range of activities designed to be engaging and enjoyable for children from birth through 2nd grade.  Our musical experiences offer children depth in music exposure which stimulates and supports musical growth and understanding. Music Together at tunebugz! is a community of support around being musical. Children are learning to sing in tune and keep a beat as each social, physical, emotional and cognitive area develops. Fueled by playful exploration, bonding and joyful stimulation - we support each child's musical journey as they blossom into the musical individual they are meant to be!

Is this a great pre-cursor to dance - YES!

Is this a great pre-cursor to private instrument instruction - YES!

Being musical is in all of us (parents too!). Expressing accurate tone & rhythm are the basic musical competencies that support all musical endeavors. 

Quick Start: 

1st - Register for a class in or near your neighborhood. 
2nd - RSVP for your FREE DEMO at any of our locations before classes begin.

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