photo Amber Nichols

Hello Everybody! Amber here - don'tcha know I have just loved music since I first heard my mother and father harmonizing  and playing music together as a baby.   I cut my teeth on bluegrass mixed with 60s/70s era folk but I remember vinyls of all genres of music. I'm talking ANYTHING from Gregorian Chant to Bach to Frank Zappa... a rich tapestry of influences for sure! From my earliest memories I have always been passionately focused on music and movement. From singing in choirs of different musical genres to show choir, sight singing competitions, gymnastics (floor exercise of course my fav - because - MUSIC!), break-dancing, tap, ballet - I have always been willing to try anything if it was music or movement related. This passion did not wane as I grew older either I have been a performer in and supporter of Austin’s unique music community for over 27 years and have loved watching it grow from a best kept secret to the rich multi-cultural music epicenter it is today.  3 music loving boys call me Mommy and I am so fortunate to be making music with the coolest and most diverse families in the most musical city on Earth.


photo Amanda Kinney

Amanda brings her joyful voice, kind heart and her true gift of connecting with children to TuneBugz! Amanda has quite the reputation with South Austinites as "the baby whisperer" and with good reason!   Amanda IS magical and has earned every accolade. Having always felt a calling to work with children and music, Miss Amanda has chosen the Music Together program because it resonates best with her own parenting style of meeting children as the whole capable people they already are.  Teaching Music Together with TuneBugz! allows her to live her authentic gifts with her students and at home with her daughter Tula.   

Miss Amanda Panda is known for playful incorporation of puppetry in her lessons, her knowledge of African dance & culture, her beautiful and child-focused guitar and djembe playing and of course her sweet and tender lullabyes.  

photo Sara Nuttle

Sara has made Austin her home just this past year but has already blossomed in the rich musical community both as a singer-songwriter and as a teacher here at TuneBugz!  She has brought a true love of the artistry of music making to our families and continues to surprise and delight us with her charming style and her sweet ukulele "Lulu".  Sara has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Psychology and Studio Art and has enjoyed her work with children at the Maryland Summer Center for the Arts at Salisbury University since 2011. Sara received her training and certification at the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ - the "Mothership" of Music Together.