Now Offering - Music Together® ONLINE! 

Classes will begin April 5th and run 20 weeks through August 20th

Spring Semester (20 weeks)

  • $280 for new families / $255 for returning families 

  • Sibs are free – this semester is for whole families for 1 price! 

  • We will study Maracas collection for 20 weeks, if at any point in the 20 weeks we are able to go back to our studios - we will - and resume class as per normal. 


Fee changes 

Because we are in brand new online territory, we are constantly revising our fees to be make sure we keep our teachers employed, and keep our tuneBugz! center thriving through this temporary time that we can only meet online. Tuition pricing will be being evaluated and will fluctuate periodically as we work to provide and exceptional level of personal service to Austin area families.  

Here's what's included!  

  • --A combination of live and pre-recorded sessions ONLINE with your favorite teachers!  

  • --Ability to choose your interaction level – you can do this SCREEN FREE! We have all the options from personal one on one, to small group classes (like you were used to) and large group experiences with lots of fams at once - you can tune into just the audio of our online class sing along! 

  • --Informal, non-performance-oriented, age-appropriate musical experiences accessible to children and easy for parents or caregivers to join in on from the comfort of your living room!  

  • --28 to 30 varied, catchy and fun songs curated for educational value and appeal 

  • --A beautifully illustrated songbook (print delivery or pdf- your choice!) containing songs, art, activity suggestions, song journey (history) if you are in Austin (pick ups and home delivery is            being honored as long as city officials         allow this)  

  • --Early childhood music education tools and in-depth educational support for how children learn music  

  • --support for social, emotional, cognitive and physical development 

  • --your own account on the global Music Together "Family Music Zone" with added ways to enjoy your Music Together® experience. Download and stream songs to your mobile devices and         access them anywhere. Extend classroom learning with extra activities for home. Learn more about your child’s music development from our experts. Watch fun videos featuring families         like yours! 

  • --Enrolled families can now also listen to their music in the “Hello Everybody!” App (Click here for IOS devices at the Apple Store or  Here for Android devices at Google Play.) 

  • --Support for using distance learning tools for kiddos at home using private Facebook groups, Facebook live, Instagram Live and Zoom meeting web conferencing app.