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Mixed-Ages (0-5yrs)

Our family class is a class for mixed-ages from birth up through age 5. We give children a chance to learn from each other and a chance to share their techniques as well.  Mixed-age classes give every child a chance to participate at a level that’s comfortable for them without performance pressures. Families love our mixed-age classes because siblings can play together in the same class while also making friends their own age!  The Music Together® curriculum is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of ages and abilities, from infancy through kindergarten making the mixed-age classes a true family music experience. 

Babies Class (0-8 months)

TuneBugz! Music Together offers two options for babies.

  • Babies from birth are able to attend our Mixed-age class, whether registered on their own or attending with an older brother or sister (free of charge when attending with sib up until 8 mos). 
  • Babies are also eligible to first take our Babies Only class as a one-semester introduction to Music Together before they move into the mixed-age class.  (This class cannot be repeated.) The music, activities and materials in Babies Only are specifically geared toward infant and baby development and are gearing your family up to join the mixed-age class with a deep and full grasp of the Music Together curriculum and how it applies to your baby's development.  This one-time intro to Music Together class gives parents a clear understanding of how musical development unfolds in the very young and results in lots of smiles, coos and stimulation for babies - not to mention new friendships for Mom & Dad too! 
  • The babies in this class range in age - but are ideally 8 months and younger but occasionally we do accept babies 1 and under.  Again, this is a one time intro so we are pretty flexible because the teachers are trained and skilled in all ages and stages of development and will adapt the babies class to the skills and developmental needs of the babies in the class. 

Babies Class Video

Music Together In-School

Music Together's in-school program is a rich,  research-based, comprehensive curriculum including award-winning music and developmentally appropriate activities that can be easily integrated into any early learning setting, including pre-kindergarten programs, Head Start classrooms, childcare centers, and in-home childcare and even co-ops!  The unique Music Together curriculum components raise the overall quality of children's early learning in the following ways:

  • Helps children develop music competence, which opens the door to a lifetime of music participation
  • Supports children's development in key early learning domains
  • Gives teachers tools to enhance classroom life and reach curricular goals
  • Aligns with many early learning standards, curricula, and philosophies
  • Supports family engagement and parent-child relationships

Our trained pre-school Music Specialists provide engaging weekly classes at your location while music seamlessly becomes a part of daily classroom life, to the benefit of your students and teachers!