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"TuneBugz! with Miss Amber was a wonderful experience for us and our little one. It was amazing to see our shy guy completely come out of his shell with the music. The more we attended classes and played the music, the more he sang and danced - in front of strangers!"   -Amy and Noah (1 yr old)


"TuneBugz! classes were so great for the kids and truly fun for the whole family!  Miss Amber is so engaging!  My kids can’t wait to go back!"  -Stacy


 "TuneBugz! was a lot of fun for the whole family. My son and daughter really enjoyed singing and dancing to all the fun songs. Amber does a great job and we can't wait to go back!" -The Conreauxs


"Amber, TuneBugz! rules! I can't believe how much Milty has grown musically. He has always been a music lover & lil performer - but your class has him singing more clearly, enunciating, and his timing is much MUCH better.  Henry too! He had been so shy with ME, his loving Auntie Sharona in the past, but now, woohoo!!  He's dancing and flapping his arms and doing all the gestures and fingerplays in front of ANYbody!!  It has been a joy watching you discover this wonderful new way to express your musical self and seeing the immediate rewards in the boys."  -Auntie Sharona


"Amber is such a great teacher! My daughter is loving this class!" -a South Austin Fun Mom via


 "I can't tell you how much Loralai likes TuneBugz! music classes! She spends 30 mins alone in her bathtub every night singing the songs and tapping on her legs!" - Aubrey,  South Austin Fun Mom to Loralai (2.5 years)


"Amber has the magic. Your child will glow with  excitement about music and song. You will meet other hip parents and can decide whose garage the kids will have band practice in in 10 years :) Watch this woman talk and teach she has some sort of Mary Poppins Jedi Mind Trick ability to get  their interest and keep them engaged...then they leave humming the songs and doing the moves they just learned!" - Cameo (Mama to Emerald & Pearl)