What's Included? How Does it Work?

tuneBugz! has been growing music makers in Austin for more than 10 years and we’re excited to continue offering parent/child music classes right at HOME without missing a beat! 

This semester we are studying the Maracas collection of Music Together® at home

Did you know that before this crazy pandemic and quarantine that Music Together was always a home based, parent modeled, music education program? It was! The big change for social distancing safety is that the teachers will now bring the classes to at home - live in zoom & instructional videos instead of at our studios.

Here are our the online schedules available with your enrollment through Aug 18th

  • Sundays 9:00, 10:30 with Sara or 4:30 pm with Cindy
  • Mondays on Facebook/YouTube with Mrs. Tania
  • Tuesdays 9:30 with Corley or 12:00 with Christa
  • Wednesdays 10:00 with Christa
  • Thursdays 9:00, 10:00 or 11:30 with Sara
  • Fridays 10:00 or 11:00 with Ms. Amber
  • Fridays 12pm is our Babies Only Group (infants 6 months and under only) with Sara
  • Fridays and Saturdays (alternating) - The Weekly Whine Down (zoom dance party!) 

We will be adding new support all the time as our team of gifted music educators (Austin mommies & musicians!) gets more and more creative but, here’s what’s included in your Music Together Online program for this semester: 

  • Reduced tuition for one family price; it’s just $280 for the whole family! (no sib fees through Aug 18th) 
  • More classes. Instead of one 45 min studio class per week, we are offering each family up to 3 live, 30 min classes each week during this time (Zoom) 
  • Longer semester. We have increased the length of our semester from 10 to 20 weeks at no additional cost; the current semester will run until Aug 18th. 
  • Opportunity Deeper learning. With song themed coloring pages, crafts and activity ideas, Music Learning Supports All Learning®. Our materials even even helps with pre-school readiness for older kiddos who may have had to drop out of studio class before - they can re-join us now! 
  • Digital song download and colorful children’s songbook (commemorative print edition and CD will be mailed)
  • Full sheet music available online for all the songs in the Maracas collection (with easy to learn guitar and ukulele chord guides for parents and older sibs learning those instruments) 
  • Recorded videos of teacher song presentations so you can download and replay them at any time 
  • Extras!  Facebook livestreams at lullaby time, Zoom dance parties “The Weekly Whine Down”, personalized musical birthday messages on your child’s birthday, and guest teachers and musicians from around the world joining us in our Zoom classes! 
  • Ability to return to a once a week in-person music events if we are allowed to do that prior to Aug 18th
  • Hello Everybody app for music on the go (with activities & videos) 
  • Your own account on the Family Music Zone from Music Together Worldwide (song specific activities, videos and music education support for homeschooling)
  • Ability to invite Grandparents and family members to join your child in music class for a visit even if they live across the city, the country or across the world! They love logging into zoom and singing along! 
  • A sweet and supportive community of music makers!  

The great thing about shifting to this at-home learning model is that we get to highlight the abundance of resources we have always had! We also get to help parents with developing a learning adventure that is not just doable - it's fun for the whole family! 

With our tools and your enthusiasm we can make a huge musical impact on your child and on your whole family’s sense of musicality.  Children absorb and reflect what we model at home so, just the simple act of making music in a fun and playful way is what opens the door for children to trundle happily down their musical path. You don't have to have any musical experience - you don't need to have perfect pitch or terrific sense of rhythm. Our trained and experienced teachers help keep activities fresh and fun, with just the right amount of challenge to encourage tonal and rhythmic growth for everyone! 

While we are all sad to have to pause singing together in person for now we are so happy for the opportunity to restructure tuneBugz! to be a ‘choose your own adventure’ model. This new program is the result of listening to parents. Listening to music educators. Listening to early childhood development experts. What we learned was pretty simple… right now we have to plan for maximum flexibility. We desiged our program with empathy and compassion because we know that parents are doing the best they can—when they can.  When have learned that one day we might be overwhelmed by family needs and expectations and we don’t want another obligation tugging at us. The next day we might be terrified to learn we suddenly need to fill two 6-hour swaths of the slowest day that ever existed with - something?!!?!?  Some families will be comforted by structure and support that can be created by enrolling in multiple classes a week. Others might be comforted by not feeling obligated to do zoom because they are more excited about getting creative with all the support materials we provide. Zoom attendance is always optional.

Austin’s little musicians and Austin’s music loving families are so important to us and we will continue to adjust our offerings as we adjust to each new version of normal  We want to partner with you to keep making music in creative ways not just to cope, but to take this time to grow musically as a family. We want everyone to embrace music learning because we know it reduces stress and creates a sense of wellbeing in children when you sing together as a family.