At tuneBugz! we join with Music Together® Worldwide on the mission to make the world a better place by making it more musical. tuneBugz! offers Austin families the very best start in music development that begins at home and in your community. We unlock they science behind early childhood music education for Austin's parents and beloved caregivers and weekly groups classes to practice what we learn - a full range of community support ATX style! High-quality, research-based music and movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers are happening all over Austin because - music is LIFE!  We plant seeds of musical growth so that Austin's children have access to the very best community-based music and movement education as they grow.  


Community Support

Each of our music class locations is a small intentionally-built music community with its own vibe and culture.  We believe that rising tides should lift all boats so, when you enroll at tuneBugz! you are actively contributing to keeping vibrant and ecclectic music and movement arts thriving in your community!   Your enrollment funds our scholarships and outreach programs and helps support our working musician teachers. Your enrollment directly benefits your community!


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Jan 02, 2020
Join us this week!

Here's how the pro-rate works for joining us in Jan! 

  • Join in 1st week of Jan - Sticks Week 3 - $235
  • Join in 2nd week of Jan - Sticks Week 4 - $220
  • Join in 3rd week of Jan - Sticks Week 5 - $205
  • Join in 4th week of Jan - Sticks Week 6 - $190

Remember, the price per class goes up the longer you wait

The best value is to join in the beginning of the session and stay continuously enrolled! 

No matter when you join, we're glad you're here and you'll still enjoy unlimited make-ups within the session, songbook and music, the Hello Ev'rybody app & a whole community of musical friends!

Nov 27, 2019
Now enrolling in Bouldin!


We are so thrilled to be starting Tuesday morning classes at BandAid School of Music in Bouldin - back in the 04 where it all started!   BandAid is such a wonderful place to begin a life-long love of music! Come join us on Tuesdays for mixed-age classes (birth to 5 years) or Babies only (birth to 8 mos). 

Try a free sample class THIS TUESDAY December 3rd, RSVP here


Yelp's Favorite Music Class!

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