*Please read carefully - we are constantly updating, evolving and expanding on our policies to offer the best service and most up to date information to all of our families. Please read carefully! 

CLASS CANCELLATIONS Due to the economics of holding a class, if a class does not have at least 6 families, unfortunately in most cases we'll have to cancel it and assign families to their 2nd choice class.  We will make every effort to find a class that works for each family, but if we cannot, we will offer a full refund.  We will make every effort to make class assignment decisions at least one week prior to the start of the class but occasionally confirmations are done the weekend before classes begin so we can do our best to get you into your preferred class.

For unexpected class cancellations (teacher illness etc) either a sub will be provided to teach your class that day, an extra make-up class will be offered to you or a make-up class will be added to the end of the semester on your regular day/time. Our main priority is to make sure families get to enjoy all their classes they paid for. 

CLASS HOLIDAYS: We do close for some major federal and religious holidays. To plan your class time (and your own vacations and family time) click your class time on the schedule  page to see exactly what days your class will be meeting and what holidays are observed on your class day. Decisions to be open or closed hinge a lot on attendance. If we think everyone will be busy and nobody will show up - we usually plan to be closed. 

For observed holidays where we do hold classes, we welcome school aged children to come to class with you!  School holidays are a great time to have younger children show off their music class to their older siblings and we love the opportunity to include your whole family. 

DEMO POLICY: We offer a free week of demo classes preceding each semester. Because we like to be generous, fair and flexible on all of our other policies - we do not offer free samples after classes begin except under special circumstances. 

REFUND & TRIAL ENROLLMENT POLICY:  We realize that not everyone can make it to our free demos during demo week so we now offer a new low risk trial enrollment period.  Once you enroll & pay online - you will come to class on the first day and if the class is not a good fit for your family for whatever reason just contact us to cancel/drop within 24 hours and you will be able to request to drop the class and only incur the $15 non-refundable new family fee. All but $15 will be refunded to you. 

*Important Note about Materials* If you come to 1st class and accept your materials (songbook and cd) and take them home - please be aware that you will not be able to return these materials once they leave the classroom and you will incur a $50 fee even if you decide to drop the class.  It's important to NOT take the materials home on the first day if you are unsure. 

If you don't contact us to drop or cancel within 24 hours of your 1st class - we assume you are delighted and will continue. 

If you have passed the 24 hour mark but are within 14 days of the start of the semester and you need to drop/request a refund due to other unforeseen circumstances - you may be eligible for up to 50% refund depending on the circumstances - please contact Amber - Center Director asap. 

No refunds are available after day 14 of the semester.



MAKEUP POLICY:  We make every effort to provide each family with 2 make-up classes each semester. Make-ups need to be scheduled with us using the make-up scheduler.   Please refrain from dropping in on a class, we are not able to accommodate drop-ins. Make-ups can not be carried over, refunded or used as discounts on the next semester. Please note that we offer make-ups as a courtesy and spots are on a first come, first served basis by using the online make-up scheduler. 

CAMERAS/PHONES: We respect every family's right to privacy and ask that cameras and phones be turned off during class. It is imperative that parents and care-givers stay engaged in the activities in class. We know everyone loves to snap a pic here and there - and we love the social media posts - but please only photograph your own child and do so either before or after class only. Phones have become an increasing distraction/disruption to bonding efforts in our parent/child classes as technology becomes more amazing and easy but please - while in class - be present and free from distractions.

FOOD/SNACKS/DRINKS: All food and beverages are prohibited in all of our studios. Water bottles, baby bottles and nursing only please.

BEHAVIORS: At tuneBugz! we all agree to keep everyone safe. Unsafe behaviors include running, playing tag, climbing, hitting, biting etc. Our teachers address unsafe behaviors both with the child and their parent or care-giver. Occasionally teachers may also ask the whole class to help each other by offering gentle reminders and modeling.  Teachers will be active in class through gentle modeling and reminders when unsafe behaviors occur. These behaviors while age appropriate will need to be addressed so that everyone in class feels safe and so that accidents remain an uncommon occurence.  It is important for us to form a community of support around unsafe behaviors and address them immediately.   For more information about our respectful classroom approach - see http://www.janetlansbury.com/2010/04/no-bad-kids-toddler-discipline-without-shame-9-guidelines/