About tuneBugz!

TuneBugz! Music Together® was founded in 2009 by Amber Nichols, a Hollywood born, West Virginia bred transplant to 78704.  Arriving in Austin in 1988 just before her junior year of high school gave this singer fertile ground to embark on a life of musical joy. Singing was a constant for Amber but paying the bills between gigs was also a long and well loved career in educational product development for a major textbook publisher. After marrying her love and best friend Daniel and starting their family, it became clear that work/life balance was not going to be sustainable if music was going to remain her primary bucket filler.  Following a textbook publishing merger that rocked the education world Amber grabbed her guitar and left the corporate world behind.  

Amber immersed herself in research, combing through every early childhood music and movement program, theory and curriculum out there. What she found was there was really no comparison to Music Together. Music Together was a clear choice out in front of the pack by a huge margin. Research based? YES! Child-led/initiated? YES! Learning through PLAY? YES! After being in educational product development for over 14  years Amber knew exactly where other programs fell short and where Music Together clearly shined not only in its approach to early childhood music development but in how Music Together serves the families and teachers who use the program.

Amber completed her training to become a registered Music Together teacher and licensed Center Director in June 2009 and has grown TuneBugz! in harmony with raising her family ever since.

Come meet Amber and her wonderful TuneBugz! teachers and bring the gift of Music Together into your life!